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Natural Born Leaders Mastermind

with Mel Savage

Join an exclusive 3-month Mastermind that’s designed to help you naturally become the leader you want to be.  This isn’t just about leading people.  This is about leading your success at all touchpoints of your career.

Once you step into leadership, all the rules of success change.

You’ve always been a top performer.  The reason you’ve been promoted into leadership is because you’re great at delivering results. But everything that got you here, isn’t what will make you a great leader.  In fact, if you stick to what’s worked in the past you’ll burnout and your top performer status will be in jeopardy.

If you want to naturally transition into leadership without overworking yourself, over managing your people, then you already know that how you achieve results has to change.

Lead Successfully Without Losing Career Momentum or Burning out!

Hi. I’m Mel Savage


I spent 20+ years of my life working my way up the corporate ladder, from delivering the mail at a small ad agency, to the senior management table @ McDonald’s, to running my own successful business. Along the way, I’ve learned that leadership permeates every part of your career.  

Leadership is not a role.  Leadership is a way of being.

It’s how you think and approach every project, person, failure or goal.  It’s how you lead your time.  Manage your self-doubt. Find passion for your role. Support the team when you disagree. And show up at 100% when you’re terrified.

My program is designed to naturally step into leadership and lead your success without burning out or losing momentum in your career.

start by staring to have the career you want

Become a Natural Born Leader

Your leadership legacy is about more than leading people.


When you move into leadership, all the rules of success change for your career.

How you get results changes. How you manage people changes.  How you grow your career changes.  How you manage your time changes. How you get noticed changes.

And nobody tells you.

So I developed a simple process for my own use that I decided to share with others. It’s based on three core leadership attributes; your unshakeable self-confidence, your ability to inspire people and your focus on driving results. You’ll become clear on the type of leader you want to become, become that leader, and lead your success.

Unshakeable Confidence

Imposter syndrome is no longer a problem.  You own the ability to lead your happiness or unhappiness. You value and believe in your contribution without comparing yourself to others.  You fail confidently, consistently improve and don’t take results personally.

Inspiring People

You create effective working relationships with anyone, regardless of how they show up. You role model collaboration.  You build critical thinkers and problem solvers. You see and nurture the potential in everyone. You authentically advocate for yourself inside and outside your organization.

Driving Results

You create vision and lead the results in your career and for your organization. You lead your time and have clear priorities and boundaries. You know exactly where you want to take your career and how to leverage your current role to get it. 

I jumped at the chance to work with Mel.  I increased my salary 40% and have a new lease on my goals.

I have known Mel for many years and have always admired her passion and leadership, which is why I jumped at the chance to work with her as an executive coach. Through our coaching sessions, Mel has provided me with practical tools to help me reframe my thoughts and to seek to understand first, rather than jump to conclusions. She has also helped me take a more positive approach to all the opportunities around me. It’s not always about making a significant change either, it can be a small shift, but it all starts with setting goals, defining what you want out of your career, and planning out the steps to achieve it. Working with Mel has given me a new lease on my career goals and has helped me rediscover the confidence to make them happen.

Martina I.

Head of Operations

Jesse P.

Marketing Director

Become a Natural Leader.

Natural Leadership is a learned behaviour, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend precious time hitting the same roadblocks and hearing the same feedback review after review. As a Natural Born Leader, you’ll have a clear picture of the leader you want to become, and I teach you doable, repeatable strategies to become that leader.

Your leadership skills before:

  • Prefer to work with people you get along with.
  • Think you need the details of everything.
  • Say yes to all the work (and complain later).
  • Work harder than everyone else.
  • Need people to value and appreciate you.
  • Compare and despair vs. your peers.
  • Assume your work will speak for itself.
  • Have a “grow” with the flow career strategy.
  • Use “hard work” as your main success strategy.

Your leadership skills after:

  • Effectively work with anyone and any style.
  • Focus on results and let your people lead the details.
  • Negotiate your workload.
  • Commit to boundaries around work.
  • Have confidence and belief in your own value.
  • Inspired by the success of your peers.
  • Authentically self-advocate for your achievements.
  • Have a deliberate career plan and strategy.
  • Use inspiration and results as your main success strategy.

It’s time to let leadership be easy.

What You’ll Learn

I’m taking the best of what drives results for my 1-1 Clients and packaging it into a Mastermind.

How the program is set up:

  • 4 Modules of teaching and tools to guide you step by step through the process.
  • 13 x 60 min Group Coaching Sessions with Mel to take the learning deeper and accelerate your transition.
  • Workbooks and additional worksheets to apply the process to your specific development areas.
  • An in-program community to ask questions, get support, get coached between sessions and connect with other Clients without getting sucked down the Facebook rabbit hole.



Reset Your Leadership Vision.

This module will help you create your leadership vision.  The biggest challenge stepping into leadership is you don’t have a clear picture of what success looks like, and why.  Your view of leadership is narrowly focused on the people you manage. This module will help you set a broader vision of your leadership across all touchpoints of your career and performance.  

  • Understand the bar for successfully stepping into leadership.
  • Set aspirational goals for the leader you want to be.
  • Understand what’s in the way of you being that leader today.
  • Learn a simple process for turning every obstacle into a result.
  • Create a path for success.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear vision of the leader you want to become, your current baseline and a prioritized path for your growth. 


Think Like A Leader.

Now that you’ve created your leadership vision, you’re ready to start stepping into it.  But becoming the leader you want doesn’t start with changing how you act.  It starts with changing how you think. The performance habits that got you this far won’t serve you as a leader.  In this module you’ll learn a simple, repeatable process to naturally rewire your thinking so you can act like the leader you want to be.

  • How to get your brain working for you vs. against you
  • Learn a simple, repeatable process to overcome imposter syndrome, fear of failure and any other doubts holding you back.
  • Discover the blindspots that have been quietly holding you back.
  • Lower your levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Increase your ability to be calm, flexible, pragmatic and enjoy your work.

When you think clearly, you make better leadership decisions.  By the end of this module, you’ll learn the process for stepping into the leader you want to become.




Create A Habit of Success.

Knowing what to do and actually doing it are two very different skills. Executing your goal is sometimes uncomfortable, and people fail because they avoid discomfort, and ultimately quit.  In this module you’ll develop a habit of success.  You’ll create a daily practice of the tools you’ve learned so far, so you stay committed to your goals.

  • Create consistent growth and improvement.
  • Stop procrastinating and naturally get motivated to take action and show up at your best when it counts.
  • Effectively manage failure within yourself and the organization.
  • Make the right decisions every time.
  • Always have time to get things done without burning out or overworking.

By the end of this module, you won’t have to worry about quitting on your goals.  You’ll have a baked in habit of showing up for yourself and everyone around you.


Bring Everyone Along For The Ride

People are already starting to notice a change in you.  Now that you’re bringing your leadership vision to life, it’s time to amp up the visibility of your contribution. Right now, the idea of self-advocacy feels important, but disingenuous. In this module, you’ll learn to naturally make it part of your routine inside and outside your organization.

  • Know your value as a brand.
  • Prioritize your stakeholders inside and outside your organization.
  • Develop a strategy to naturally get noticed.
  • Authentically reinforce your “brand value” at all available touchpoints

By the end of this module, self-advocacy won’t feel icky anymore. You’ll be clear how to elevate your brand without throwing anyone else under the bus. 


Being a natural leader is a learned behaviour.

Limited Time Bonus Deep Dives:

These BONUS DEEP DIVES are mini courses and workbooks designed to go deep into specific leadership growth areas that are obstacles for many leaders.



How To Believe In Yourself

Stop letting imposter syndrome, self-doubt and what your parents said to you 20 years ago, be a problem for your success today.  This deep dive course allows you to safely step into the confident leader you want to be right now.




How To Effectively Work With Anyone

Leaders can effectively work with anyone without needing to change them; including any boss, peer, report or client.  This deep dive course will teach you to effectively work with anyone while delivering results and not getting frustrated or stressed-out. 




How To Inspire Results In Your Team

Leaders don’t need to know everything or think it’s faster if they do things themselves. This deep dive course teaches you how to grow critical thinkers, give effective feedback and see the potential in even your toughest people.



Get on the Waitlist now for the next round.

The next round of this Mastermind launches March 13, 2023.  Get on the waitlist now and be the first to enrol when we open enrolment in February.

This round kicks off March 13th

You get instant access to the training portal

Live Coaching is every Friday @ 12pm Eastern Time (60 min)

First session is March 17th.


  • 13 Live Group Coaching Sessions
  • Video Lessons + Downloadable Workbooks For All Modules
  • Access To Recorded Group Sessions
  • Download Audio Learning To Listen On The Go
  • Access To Learning Portal Throughout Program
  • Community Inside Course To Share Ideas, Solutions And To Ask For Support
  • BONUS #1: Confidence Now Deep Dive
  • BONUS #2: Work With Anyone Deep Dive
  • BONUS #3: The People Leader Deep Dive

I was promoted twice!

Great results. I’ve been promoted twice since starting to work with her. Have a much clearer understanding of what I want out of my career that goes beyond my current company’s career path. Worth the investment in yourself and lays a foundation of self-assessment and goal setting that will be applicable throughout my life.

Alexis S.

Sr. Manager


You’re protected with a 100% RISK-FREE, 30-Day guarantee.

This program will help you become the leader you want to be

If at the end of 30 Days from the start of the program you don’t feel it’s the right fit, submit your completed coursework and we’ll issue you a full refund. The reason we ask for your completed work is simple… if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. Please note that refund eligibility has a firm deadline and also applies to payment plans meaning you will be responsible for all payments after the refund deadline has passed. 

Who you become in Natural Born Leaders is up to you, but here’s what I promise

  • A clear understanding of who you are as a leader
  • Know how to negotiate and set boundaries around workload for you and your team
  • Naturally manage and nurture your toughest reports
  • Feel confident about your ability to get along with any boss at any point in your career
  • Support your peers without jealousy and judgment
  • Build a team of results-driven critical thinkers
  • Effectively give feedback without being nervous or passive aggressive
  • Have a plan to integrate self-advocacy naturally into what you do every day
  • Confidently ask for what you want
  • Genuinely celebrate more
  • Have a career plan that’s all about you (not your company)
  • Be happy in any job in any company
  • Have a safe place to work through your growth and development without judgment
  • You have control over your work/life balance
  • Believe in the value you offer


Have a question?

We do our best to answer the most commonly asked questions here. But if you have additional questions, feel free to send an email to  We will respond within 24 hours.

What happens on the coaching calls?

On each live coaching call, Mel will reinforce a key concept for 5-10 minutes and then open up for coaching and questions.  Participants who want coaching will (digitally) raise their hand to indicate their desire for coaching.

Note: This is not a first come first serve process.  Mel will give preference to people who haven’t been coached in previous calls. 

How long are the coaching calls?

The calls are scheduled for 60 minutes.  

What if I can't make a call?

All the calls are recorded and you have access to the calls for the duration of the program.

Will I get coached on every call?

Probably not. And you don’t need to be. The benefit of group coaching is you learn as much from watching other people be coached as you do from being coached yourself.  Most people have similar challenges and you can discover value in all coaching for yourself.

The NBL Community page is also available for you to post any questions or need to for coaching between sessions and solicit support from Mel and others in your group.

Do I need to be at a certain level in my career to participate in this program?

This program is designed for people who are already in a leadership position (e.g. Directors and above) or about to step into a leadership position in the next 6-18 months.

Will all the content be available as soon as I join?

The orientation, plus the first two modules will be available as soon as the program starts on October 31st, 2022.  Module 3 will be available November 21st, 2022.

Module 4 and all Bonuses will be made available on December 5th after the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee period has passed.

Do I need to sign up for more than one round of coaching to see the benefits?

No. You will step into leadership within the first 3-month program.

I recommend 3-4 rounds of the program to allow yourself the space to address each growth area without hustle.  Multiple rounds also allows you to embed the process for the duration of your career.

As a founding member your price is locked in for consecutive rounds of the program.  If you decide to pause and renew in the future, you will no longer have access to founding member pricing.

How long will I have access to the training portal?

You will have access to the training portal for the duration of the program.  Access will be turned off on February 20, 2023.

If you decide to continue with the program, then your program access will not be interrupted and will continue through the transition period to the next round.

What if I like the program, but would prefer 1:1 coaching?

This program is available in a 1:1 format.  The current pricing is $3,000 USD or 3 payments of $1000 USD.  If you’re interested in 1:1 coaching, book a free consultation at

What are the benefits of 1:1 coaching vs. group?

Both modalities are excellent.

The benefit of group coaching is the ability to learn from the growth and challenges of people who are going through the same thing as you.  You have the opportunity to be inspired, broaden your thinking and build new connections while addressing your core leadership objectives.

The benefit of 1:1 coaching is the dedicated support and attention of your coach.

Neither one is faster or more effective.  When you apply yourself and are open to the learning, you find it. 

Can I add 1:1 coaching to the group sessions?

Yes.  You can purchase 1:1 coaching add-ons in packages of 4 sessions @ $1000 USD.

If you purchase your 1:1 add-on when you sign up for the NBL program, you get can purchase a 4 session package for $500 USD; 50% discount.

Please note, all 1:1 coaching packages are non-refundable.

When does the next round of NBL start?

This round is from October 31, 2022 – February 17, 2023.  The next round will start March 6, 2023.  Enrollment opens February 6, 2023

Hurrah for more great results.


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