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Turn Your Bad Boss Into Your Best Boss

It’s time to start taking action and reset the relationship so it’s working for you, and turn your boss into one of your most valuable assets.

Your Bad Boss Has No Power Over You

it is what you make it

This won’t be your last bad boss.

This boss isn’t anything special. 

They may not be the first boss you didn’t get connect with.  But they could be the last. 

Throughout your career, you’re going to encounter so many different kinds of bosses.  What would it be like if you knew you could have a great relationship with all of them?

No matter what.

Even if they don’t support you.  Even if they’re not great at their job.  And even if they get on your nerves sometimes.

What if it didn’t matter?  How would that change your career?  Your life?

That’s what you’re going to learn in this masterclass.



Take your power back and feel confident again

Stop focusing on your boss and start focusing on yourself

Learn how to change the trajectory of the relationship

Leverage your boss to the max

Here’s what you need to know about me

Hi.  I’m Mel Savage

Hi.  I’m Mel Savage, creator of a uniquely powerful career management approach for a successful generation of professionals ready to think differently. I’ve helped career professionals and entrepreneurs like you turn the careers they have right now into the careers they want by differentiating themselves as high-impact leaders, who fearlessly achieve any goal because of the power of their thinking.

Here are three things you need to know about me;

  1. I’m a 2x Certified Life Coach who focuses on career.  I am the founder of The Career Reset and have a podcast called The Career Reset.
  2. I’m a 25+ year veteran of the corporate life holding senior positions with McDonald’s in Canada and the UK. I know what it’s like to deal with bosses, projects, politics, relationships, #metoo, performance, leadership, productivity and all the things that come with a successful career.
  3. I’m a human being with a career dealing with al the same stuff that you are.  The only difference is that I have more practice and I’m trained to help.
Mel Savage

the time is now

Stop investing your energy in dealing with it and start investing in improving it.

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