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2002, 2018

Stop Being a Controlling Boss, and Still Be Successful

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You will actually be MORE SUCCESSFUL if you stop being a controlling boss. And I think most people know this to be true, but it's a tough skill to address with willpower alone. So, in today's episode of The Career Reset TV, I focus on giving you the tools you need to become a more empowering and effective Manager for your team. This episode is perfect for you if you've just been newly promoted to a position, you're about to be promoted, or you've received a lot of feedback that you're too controlling as a boss.

1302, 2018

How to Turn an Influential Critic into a Fan

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Winning Careers & businesses are never made alone. They require a large and active support network of cheerleaders and mentors and advocates. But all your hard work can hit a speed bump, or even a wall if you have an INFLUENTIAL CRITIC working against you. These people don't appreciate you, your work, your style and can block your career success. So rather than just be annoyed and frustrated with that person, I want to show you how to do something about it. Don't let even a tiny bit of your hard work go to waste

602, 2018

Effective Communication Etiquette in this Crazy Busy Business World

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Communicating effectively is tough at the best of times. And Tech just keeps changing things up on us, filling up our phones and inboxes, and making it even tougher. In today's Episode of THE CAREER RESET TV, we're discussing EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION ETIQUETTE IN A CRAZY BUSY BUSINESS WORLD. And specifically, we're covering how and when to use Text, Voice Text, E-Mail, Calling and Live Mtgs to get things done!

3001, 2018

The 4 Ways to Love the Job You Have

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Hating your job can kill your career fast. Wouldn't you prefer to ENJOY the road to success? In this episode, you'll learn how to love the job you have, even if you're looking to make a career transition. Learn to find opportunities to leverage to your advantage, feel more valued and appreciated, customize your job to suit your interests and skills, and create a more constructive approach to your career.

2301, 2018

The ONE THING that Stops Smart People from Being Successful

By | January 23rd, 2018|Categories: Confidence, Leadership, Performance Development, Reset Performance|Tags: , , , , , , |0 Comments

Tell me if you've ever found yourself or someone you know in this situation…They (or you) are very smart and capable. In fact, they're great at their job. They dedicate themselves and are determined to get results. They are forward thinkers and solutions-oriented, they just aren't seeing the career success they are striving for. What is keeping these smart and capable people from realizing the success they deserve? ONE THING. And I'm going to tell you what it is, how to recognize it and what to do about it!

1501, 2018

A Performance Development Process that Keep Retention High and Business Growing

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This week, I’m giving you the process. It’s easy to follow. It’s easy to embed consistently in your day to day. It will help make you a pro at people development, and a winning Manager everyone wants to work with! PLUS download the ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT with all the support you'll need to bring the process to life! IT'S FREE!!


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