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Today we get to play a little game.  It’s actually a game I used to play when I was younger.  It was a drinking game. 

It’s called two truths and a lie.  And the way it worked was you would make 3 statements about yourself and people would have to guess which one was the lie. 

And if you guessed wrong – you had a take a drink.  Needless to say the longer you played, the more the game devolved.

So, it’s probably better that we don’t include drinking in today’s version of the game.  But still, I thought it would be fun to have a podcast episode about how to get unstuck in your career within the framework of this fun little game.

Introducing two truths and a lie about your career!

This week’s episode is for anyone who feels a little stuck in their career and is not quite sure what to do about it.  

What you won’t learn in this episode is a bunch of steps to getting ‘unstuck’.  What you will learn are some mindset shifts you need to make to get out of your own way.

That’s really where the good stuff is anyway.

‘Cos let’s be honest.  A lot of the reason we’re stuck is that we’re stopping ourselves from moving forward.

We get caught up in our stories, and we hold back our own success and our own potential.  We get mired in thoughts and beliefs that aren’t serving anyone… least of all us and our careers.

So let’s lighten things up a bit and play two truths and a lie about your career.

P.S. If you’re considering signing up for the beta test I mentioned in this episode, then make sure you email me @ mel@thecareerreset.com before Feb. 28th. 

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