#016: When Should I Quit My Job? | The Career Reset

Your eyes open in the morning and you immediately get this sinking feeling. Ugh… I have to go to work.  

It’s a terrible way to start the day.

I know that feeling. Your mind starts working overtime to figure out a way to avoid the whole thing. You want to quit, but you’re just not sure if that’s a smart idea.  Not only because of the money. But also because you’re just not sure why you’re so exhausted by this job.

Is it the people? The boss? The commute? The actual job itself?

Will things get better if my boss quits? Or I just finish this project? Or get this through this busy time? Or if I didn’t have to work with so-and-so

When you don’t have clarity on why you’re unhappy, it’s hard to decide on your next career move. And it’s especially difficult to decide if it’s time to quit.

So let’s weigh what goes into that kind of a decision, and then decide WHEN is the right time to quit.

In this week’s episode of The Career Reset Podcast, we’re going to get into what to consider before you quit your job, and also answer a question I get all the time; 

What if I can’t take it another day? Can I just quit?

Before you listen to this episode, it’s important to set a few expectations.  If you really want to figure this out, you must make it a priority.  Make sorting this out the most important thing you have going on so that you don’t wake up in the morning with dread and disappointment

It’s only going to take about 8-10 hours of planning over the course of a month before you can start making moves.  That’s it. Honestly, it’s just about doing a little homework and digging into what’s really impacting you.

And the good news is, you’re going to start to feel empowered as soon as you start this process. The minute you put pen to paper and put yourself in the driver’s seat, you start to feel the power.  

I’m going to go through it step by step, and then I have so many tools you can use to get started… and almost all of them are FREE…

Here are the main questions we’ll talk about.

  1. WHY DO YOU WANT TO QUIT? Are you trying to get away from something?  Or are you trying to accomplish a goal? 
  2. HOW DO I START MAKING MOVES? How do I put a plan in place? Do I need to make some shifts in my current job? Or should I leave and find something else? 
  3. WHO CAN I TALK TO? How do I engage my support network?

If this sounds a bit intimidating or intense for you, think of this way.  How much time do you spend looking to buy a house? How much time do you spend researching what kind of car to buy or even you’re next smartphone?

When it comes to SPENDING the money, we do our homework.  When it comes to MAKING IT, we don’t. 

Crazy, right?  When it comes to making the money, we go with our gut or take the first shiny opportunity presented to us.

But spending a few hours doing this work is going to make a big difference in how you start every day.  And that’s going to make a big difference to not only YOUR life, but the lives of everyone around you.

Don’t forget to check out the links below for all the FREE tools to make this process WAY easier.

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